Sunday, December 30, 2018

Cultural Depression and Populism

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I was listening to a podcast the other day and two intellectual
conservatives were discussing the return of populism in our current
political environment. Populism is a range of political approaches
that deliberately appeal to "the people," often juxtaposing this group
against a so-called "elite." (That definitely sounds familiar!)

The two conservatives were somewhat confounded why populism has made
a return during this economic environment since the last time
populism had any resonance in the United States was in an economic
depression. We're currently NOT in an economic depression.

I have a theory why populism has found its' footing again in America.
No, we are not in a economic depression but perhaps we in a cultural
depression? The economic depression of the 30's was largely brought
on because the public didn't trust any of the financial institutions.
Slowly but surely in the past 50 years we have experienced a revolution
that has upended the American culture. Our families, neighborhoods, and
communities are forever changed. There is a lack of trust in our cultural

I don't know how anyone can look at the cultural landscape of America
and have a upbeat outlook. The Sexual Revolution destroyed the
American family. No longer are children born to parents in a stable
marriage. Our drug culture sees thousands of people of dying of drug
overdoses and absolutely decimating whole communities. Americans
aren't volunteering or attending church like previous generations.
Therefore, they don't have that sense of community civic and religious
participation brings. Our art (music, movies, fine art) hardly has any
redeeming value. Academia is not preparing young minds for the
real careers but some Utopian made-up world.

Maybe what we are experiencing is a cultural depression not an economic
depression? America is a wealthy nation and has been for a while.
What good is wealth if you're disconnected from your family and
community? The hard part of achieving the American Dream (finding a
well-paying job to support a family) used to be finding the well-paying
job but now it seems the family part is going array.

Now back to populism. I think people see all this cultural decay and
blame the cultural "elites".  American culture is falling apart and we want
to blame somebody instead of ourselves. We're asking for government
to come in and take the place where family, community, faith used
to occupy and it's only leaving us more empty and........depressed.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

We Need More Steph and Ayesha Curry's

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I wanna get married, like the Currys, Steph and Ayesha shit - Cardi B

I really don't find follow the NBA all too much. The NBA Finals have
become an absolute snoozefest since the Golden State Warriors have
dominated for a few years now.  So maybe that's why when I tried watching
the NBA Finals this year my mind wondered about not about basketball.....
but how much more Ayesha and Steph Curry's we need in Western society.
Let me explain.

No, I'm not saying we need more basketball players with wives that sell
cookware. I'm saying we need better images of young, healthy marriages.
Marriage is on the decline and it is having harmful societal effects. Marriage
is a stabilizing force in a family structure. Research after research shows
children do better when mom and dad are in a healthy marriage. While
marriage is on the decline across all ethic backgrounds, it is especially
saw sharp decline in the black community. The Pew Research Center
reports that in 2008, 72 percent of black women giving birth were unmarried.
That's more than in any other ethnic group and almost double the amount
from 40 years ago.  Let's face it young people are jaded on marriage with so
many growing up in broken homes. 

So many portrayals of marriage in the media are rather
negative. You know the image of the nagging wife and her good-for-nothing
husband. Steph and Ayesha Curry make marriage look fun! They joke around
and have fun playing with their young kids. They don't look bored. Not saying
that marriages don't have their challenges but media portrayals tend to focus
on the negative aspects have marriage.

There is also this societal myth growing that if you marry before your
30 the marriage is doomed to fail! Steph and Ayesha Curry married in their
early twenties and no divorce is imminent. In fact, they're expecting their third
child. We tell our young people that their twenties are for having fun and
dating as much people as they want. That's a horrible message to send young
people if we want them to develop stable, healthy relationships.

I think we need to start promoting marriage and having good
images is a good start. For a multicultural nation having such
a prominent, young and black couple is such a refreshing image. 
They're such a modern, young image of a dying institution.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Beauty Vloggers and their Celebrity Look-a-likes

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I enjoy watching beauty Youtube videos. Every time I watch one I catch
myself thinking she looks like so-and-so. So thought I would compile
a list of beauty vloggers and their celeb look-a-likes. Tell me if you see
the resemblance or am I completely wrong?

Teni Panosian/Kim Kardashian

Casey Holmes/Britney Spears

Stephanie Ledda/Jenna Dewan Tatum

Chloe Morello/Leighton Meester

Mallory Cornelison/Drew Barrymore

Melissa Alatorre/Salma Hayek

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Do Not Despair, GOP

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If the polls are correct on November 8th the Republican party
will suffer its third consecutive loss in the race for the presidency.
Get ready for media think pieces on the death of the GOP on the
day after the election. They're being drafted as we speak. Not
so fast my liberal friends! I believe there is reason for hope
even in a crushing defeat. Yes, a loss will be devastating to the
party but not a fatal blow. I will use this post to explain why.

The main reason hope is not lost for the GOP is due to the fact
that Donald Trump is a historically bad candidate with awful
favorability numbers. A trouncing will not be a whole-scale
rejection of the Republican party but a horrible candidate.
While I believe we're currently a center-left country, I don't
think we're as far left as the Democrat party. Donald Trump is
not fluent in policy and could not prosecute the case against
some extreme positions Democrats hold. For example, Hillary
Clinton is not in the mainstream when it comes to late-term
abortions. A competent politician could have painted her as
an extremist on the issue.

Another reason not despair is Hillary Clinton is a bad politician
herself. She could have been defeated this election cycle but GOP
voters made a huge error in nominating Trump. I wouldn't count
on that happening again. Clinton's favorability numbers almost
rival Trump's. Democrats really don't seem energized by her
and that could prove detrimental in her re-election bid.

I would like to take the time to remind readers we've seen this
before. None of this new. In the 1980s Democrats were three
crushing defeats at the ballot box and survived. Democrats
did some soul-searching and found a winning candidate in
Bill Clinton. The GOP is likely to do the same. In fact, this
election reminds me of the 1988 election.  Ronald Reagan
was loved by the conservative base of his party and was a
good communicator. Barack Obama is loved by the progressive
base of his party and is also an effective communicator.
George H.W. Bush had to campaign following a pretty popular
president and was more establishment. Same can be said for Hillary
Clinton. In 1988 Democrats nominated Michael Dukakis who fit
every conservative stereotype of liberals; weak on crime and
foreign policy. Donald Trump fits every stereotype of progressives
paint of Republicans. He's uninformed, racist and sexist. The
exact caricature Democrats want the public to have of the GOP.

My last reason why I am not ready to call the GOP doomed
is because the GOP does have young talent. I said it last year
and I still believe it to be true the GOP had a good crop of
presidential candidates this year but for whatever reason were
ignored for the bombastic Donald Trump. I don't foresee this
happening again. This young crop of candidates now have four
more years to grow and build up their resumes and organization.

The GOP must take this time in the wilderness to reflect and
regather. Earlier in the post I mentioned how the Democrats
experienced similar losses in the 1980s and bounced back.
Although progressives were out of power politically during this
time period, they made great strides culturally. For example,
progressives were busy redefining family and gender roles. These
cultural gains helped Democrats politically. Democrats crush
Republicans with single women, a demographic that has seen
a steady increase. So while the Republican party was trying
to take the mantle of "family values" for the past 30 years
the American family was falling apart and being redefined.
The divorce rate skyrocketed during the Reagan years. The
cultural headwinds were against the GOP.

If the GOP wants to make gains politically they must make
cultural gains. Conservatives must not cede culture to
progressives. While it may appear hopeless if GOP is handed
anther defeat, there is still reason for optimism.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Who is to blame if Trump loses in November?

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With Donald Trump trailing Hillary Clinton by a wide margin there
already seems to be a discussion going on who will be to blame if
Trump loses the election. Obviously, I know this discussion is premature
and speculative. But it wouldn't be online political commentary if
it wasn't premature and speculative!

I have decided to put my two cents into the ongoing discussion.
Here are determining factors that contributed to a troubled Trump

1) Trump himself. He has been campaigning for over a year now
and he doesn't want to learn and grow. He has no ability to stay
focused and on message. Staying on message is crucial when
running for office. He's frustratingly stubborn in his ways. This
is where the majority of the blame lies.

2) The media. The media gave Trump free reign of their airways
during the primary. He was on cable news 24/7.
Trump provided ratings and the media gave him a platform.
It was hard for the other 16 candidates to get any coverage. This
free media was way too much for the other candidates to overcome.
It has been truly disgraceful how the media behaved during this

3) Immigration hardliners. It appears when Trump's support
really started coalescing was when he insulted Mexico by saying 
they're sending us their criminals and rapists. I don't believe the
GOP field was bereft of talent this year. But there was a portion
of the Republican electorate that were insistent on having a nominee
with bombastic rhetoric against immigration. Therefore, there were good
candidates that were unacceptable to this vocal group. For example,
Ted Cruz was anti-immigration reform but for the hardliners it
wasn't sufficient enough.  If Trump loses GOP voters will have
to evaluate how much credence they give to this high pitched group.

4) Selfish candidates unwilling to accept reality. During the primary,
too many candidates stuck it out even when it was evident their candidacy
would not amount to anything. This helped Trump divide and conquer.
For example, Jeb Bush didn't leave until after South Carolina but it
was evident his candidacy wasn't taking off months and months before.
Even my preferred candidate Marco Rubio stuck it out a little longer
than he should have. Perhaps the primary would have looked
differently if some of these lower tier candidates would have gotten
the message and left sooner. Trump supporters will argue some
of that support would have gone to him. I don't buy it. I think there
was a considerate amount anti-Trump sentiment but they weren't
able to consolidate behind one candidate.

Another aspect of this point is that way too many candidates ran during
the primary. It was way too crowded. The GOP allowed too many
candidates on the debate stage. No candidate was able to effectively attack
Trump because of too many voices on the debate stage. Marco Rubio was
able to launch a good attack against Trump during one of the debates
when the field had narrowed but by then it was too late; Trump's
lead was significant.

5) Anti-establishmentarians. There was so much talk about anger towards
the "establishment" during the primary. Frankly, I think it is wise to avoid
listening to angry people. It got out of hand when Ted Cruz of all people
got labeled "establishment". The word means nothing to me anymore.
Establishment seemed to be code work for professional. Call me crazy
but I want a professional in elected office. Someone who knows what
they're talking about. It has taken an unfocused and undisciplined candidate
like Donald Trump for me to appreciate a polished and disciplined

6) Celebrity culture. The irony of the political party that is despised by
Hollywood getting pulled into celebrity culture. Trump had name
recognition and apparently that was enough for some primary voters.

We will see how things turn out in November. But if we're looking for
self-evaluation after the election this may be the place to start.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Politically Homeless

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I currently have no political home. I can't support Donald Trump. Don't
trust him and he is lacking in character. He is so erratic I honestly can't
determine where he stands politically.  I can't support Hillary Clinton.
I don't believe I agree with her on a single policy issue. I can't support
Gary Johnson because he's pro-choice. I am pro-life and can't budge
on that issue. Frankly, I think social issues are way more crucial than
economic issues at this current moment. Libertarians are just way
too socially liberal for me. Libertarians don't seem to grasp how
social liberalism cannot exist with economic conservatism. Social
ills are costly. Just ask our European friends who have tried it!

It is disappointing this may be the first election I sit out in 10 years.
It is disappointing that no major candidate aligns with my beliefs and
principles. Hopefully, I will soon find a political home.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Childlessness: A Theory About Young Adults and Depresssion

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Today I developed a theory of why so many young adults are
experiencing depression and it ran through my head while I logged
onto my YouTube account. Let me explain. I logged into my
YouTube account and checked my subscriptions and there was
a video from a 20-something YouTuber explaining why she hadn't
been uploading and how she has having mental health issues.
This is becoming a frequent occurrence in my YouTube
subscription box and they are mostly done by 20 or 30-somethings.
Another thing that connects them is they're young and childless.

This got me to thinking about our society at large. The birth rate for
young women has dramatically dropped in the past decade. To put
it simply: Less people are having babies. They're childless like these
depressed young women on YouTube.

If there is anyone that should be happy you would think it
would be a wealthy young YouTuber? Right. They make good
money for meaningless work (which might also be contributing
to depression but I will save that for another blog). They're
young. No children. No responsibilities. Lots of free time.
That's what our society tells us we should strive for. But yet
they're completely miserable!

As I've read the Bible I've noticed how it talks a lot of living a life

of service.  Mark 10:45 says,  "If anyone would be first, he must
be last of all and servant of all.” But that's not what current American
society teaches. We want to be served and catered to! Parenting,
however, is not about you but raising and taking care of someone
else and so many young adults are opting out of it or at least
waiting till later in life.

I also believe that serving others helps with depression. When
the focus is off oneself it's much easier to have a clear
perceptive on life. Serving and caring for others is a key to 
long-lasting happiness. But we now have a young adult generation
who have forgone getting married and having children. And
what's the result? They're making videos on YouTube about 
depressed they're.

Serve others and find meaning. Children have a wonderful way
of  bringing meaning to one's life.  The first line in Pastor Rick
Warren's book "Purpose Driven Life" is: It's not about you. 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

When Did Chaos & Destruction Become "Conservative"?

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So many things about the 2016 election have been so frustrating.
The rise is of Donald J. Trump being the main one.  It's been
disheartening to hear some conservative-leaning people supporting
Trump, whom has no deep-rooted principles whether conservative
or not. There is another group of conservatives that have caused me
to become nauseated. It's the group of conservatives that aren't directly
aligning themselves with Trump but seem giddy about the destruction
of the "establishment." Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh
seems to fall into this category. Here is Michelle Malkin gleeful about
the "establishment's" downfall:

Notice how Malkin says the state of the conservative movement is sound.
How can she say that? The party that has welcomed conservatives for
decades is about the nominate its most progressive candidate since
Nixon. (That turned out well.)

I can understand being excited about the tired status quo being
upended. However, something in my gut tells me there's something
very un-conservative about this "DOWN WITH THE ESTABLISHMENT"
sentiment. One argument that has always made conservatism appealing
to me is this: Liberals want to destroy our institutions without fully
understanding what they are replacing it with. It's true. The liberal's
Sexual Revolution totally destroyed our social mores when it comes
to sex but what came next was absolutely devastating the American

So you want the GOP establishment to die? Alright, sounds fun. My
next question has to be: Well, what do you want to replace it with?
Donald Trump. No, thank you.  I don't understand how any conservative
can be excited about a Trump presidency. Watching things burn might be
fun to watch but the aftermath is not worth the cost. My country
is too important.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

30 Days of Gratefulness (Day 8)

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Sorry I haven't been keeping up with my 30 days of gratefulness.
I've been a little under the weather and busy. But back to business.
Believe it or not I had an in-depth talk today with someone
at work about the importance of being thankful! How cool is that!

I'm thankful for today:

1) my fellow believers
2) religious many countries don't have it
3) the Holy Spirit.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

30 Days of Gratefulness (Day 7)

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The Lord is my strength and my safe cover. My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped. So my heart is full ofjoy. I will thank Him with my song.  - Psalm 28:7

I've heard it said many times before but it is so true: Life is not
about getting what you want, but wanting what you have.
That's the key! You have to appreciate and be grateful for what
you have TODAY! Did you know that suicide is really only a
problem in developed countries like America?  We have so
material goods in America but we still aren't happy. We haven't
learned to want what we have.

Today I am grateful for:
1) tough times
2) my country
3) to live next the ocean

My God is so good!

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