Saturday, August 27, 2005


Posted by Teresa at 8:00 PM
I took a personality test for class.
Well to no suprise I'm an idealist.
There is some good and bad things about being idealist.
Sometimes I feel I'm not living in the real world.
I don't reach for anything but the ideal when
sometimes I should just work to get things done.
The anaysis of my personality says idealist are quite hard on
themselves and other people.....that is true

I feel it is hard to be Christian and not be an idealist.
God wants is "ideal" for us!
Of course we can't always live up to expectations... we are not meant to.
But can't we strive for the best.
For example, world peace is ideally what we all want.....
it might be almost impossible to achieve....
but can't we at least try.



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