Friday, November 18, 2005

The Here, The Now

Posted by Teresa at 9:44 PM
It is so frustrating how when you going through something you can't get past the hurt of
the here, the now.
I always try to keep the hope that tomorrow will bring a better day.
It might not, but I hold on dear to that sentiment.

I guess our generation is such that we want things instantly.
We never want another moment of anguish.
But do we believe that from one moment to another all our ailments can be fixed?
Life, unfortunately, doesn't work like that.

The only things that keeps me going while I'm doing the mundane task of everyday living is that
there is purpose for everything I am going through.

There is a lesson to be learned for all the pain.
The worst thing I can possibly conceive is that every tear I've cried and all the hurt other people have witness was all in vain.

Sometimes our emotional wounds are much greater than any physical ones.
Sometimes we can predict when our physical wounds will heal.
A cut will take a couple days to seal up.
But our emotional cuts, we never know when they will start heal.

But we can't walk through life in a bubble,
not ever wanting to get hurt.
Because a life in a bubble might be more injurious than one filled with bruises.

Even my Lord and Savior, Jesus, bled.

We are human.
We live to relate.
We live to touch and to be touched.
We live to love and to be loved.

But unfortunatley.....
sometimes those touches become blows.



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