Thursday, December 1, 2005


Posted by Teresa at 9:14 PM
Drained is the only word that I can describe how I am feeling right now.
I am emotionally, physically, spiritually spent.
If my life was bank account....
I think I would be overdrawn.
Sometimes I feel I invest so much in people but
no one invests in me.
But I guess thats the way it goes.
You gave to invest with no expectations.
You have to give all of yourself ......
in hopes that someone will recieve it.

Sometimes it just leaves me think if I am worthy of someone's
time and efforts.
I hope so...
because I think other people are worthy of my time and efforts.


JustAsIAm on 4:33 AM, December 03, 2005 said...

I love your posts and I love the way you just write what you feel,that's the best way. I feel like you are reading my mind when you write especially when you wrote about feeling drained, spiritually, physically but most importantly emotionally. I sometimes feel like I invest too much in my personal relationships with certain people who shall remainless of course, coughmyboyfriendcough But you hit it right on the spot.I'm sure everyone feels that way.You are a great friend, a great person who I feel is going to do alot of great things with your life and I am very proud to know you. I wish nothing but the BEST for you always and forever. I miss you, keep in touch. Don't be a stranger. Have a great week, God bless you. Hugs, Marina


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