Saturday, January 21, 2006

South Texas gal goes to the HOLY LAND!

Posted by Teresa at 12:07 PM
I will be going to Israel for week in March.
I am so excited!!!
It will be such a spiritual experience.
This will be my first oversees experience.

Here is some fast facts about Israel:

The country is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, Gulf of Aqaba, Dead Sea, Sea of Galilee, Jordan River, and by the countries of Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria.


An Israeli said...

Good luck in your journey!
But bear in mind 3 facts:
1. There is still a minor war going on here so be careful and watchful;
2. Don't expect from Israelis/Jews to be ideal. This is a common mistake both Anti- and Filo-Semites do. The first ones attribute to us all the bad (f&#ck them all by the way), the seconds - all the good. Often people just can't realize we are not better nor worse than others.
3. Israeli men (and Mediterranean men in general) are notoriously horny (me included :-) ). Some of them like to flirt with foreign girls - and not always politely (I am polite though :-) ). So don't be surprised to meet such kind of behaviour.
All the above was mentioned to give necessary precautions and to prevent an aftermath disillusion due to overexpectations :-)
And good luck, again :-)

Brown Eyed Girl on 5:23 AM, February 01, 2006 said...

thanks for the feedback and check back weekly for updates on my so called life in my 30's as I become the next Brigdet Jones of the latin world. hehe except for the part where I don't land the cute next door neighbor or in this case any guy.


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