Friday, July 14, 2006

Petite people don't know how to dress

Posted by Teresa at 9:04 PM
First of all let me tell you I'm a short young lady myself; so no offense intended by the title.
I'm a fan of the television show
What Not To Wear and everytime I see this show the fashion offender is frequently petite. Stylist Stacy London always looks like she is about foot taller than the females being made over (granted she is probably wearing 4 inch heels.

Are petite ladies more inclined to be fashionably challenged?
And since I'm petite; I'm I a fashion offender?
Here are some What Not To Wear makeovers:

Misti Before and After

All I can say it is not my fault the petite section of department stores are filled with
old fashioned grandma patterns!
I would like to find a boyfriend that wouldn't also be attracted to someone over the age of 80.
Well here is Stacy and Clintons'
advice for petite sizes.


Kaitlyn Patia on 3:59 PM, July 28, 2006 said...

As a petite person myself, I was sort of offended by some of their advice (in the book, I haven't seen the show). It's not like it was that bad, but it seems like they always favor taller people. Also, it seems like they treat being shorter as a fault that has to be covered up and hidden with flattering blouses, etc.

Thanks for the comment, by the way! I like your blog.

Amy on 2:27 PM, August 08, 2006 said...

I have to say, that part of the reason why petite women don't know how to dress is because they haven't as many choices as, dare I say, regular sized people? Look at the crappy selection in department stores - Bloomingdale's shrank it's department, and Neiman Marcus slashed it.

I've spent a large percentage of my clothing budget on getting alterations so that everything fits well. I'm not going to kid anyone, being 4'10" is not the average petite person's experience, and while it is the extreme, it does mean that my experiences do illustrate a point.

And sorry to mention it, but it IS more favorable to be taller. It's some sort of biological imperative that we give more respect (and better pay!) to taller people. Sucks, but true.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the comments, I am 5'0" bang on and hate it, its hard to find clothes being 21, and ur like a grown adult stuck in a 14yr olds body, how attrative is that especialy if you find it hard to put on weight. petite advertising is not out there as much as being over weight and tall people and i think it should as most petie people do have a complex about it due to clothes and everyone looking down on you, you just try to get on with life untill your out and about in flats and people comment on you, when your just trying to get on with life, will we didnt ask for the publics point of veiw on it, and i do belive taller people have more fun, but come on there is absoultly nothing we can do about


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