Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Confessions of a Pessimist

Posted by Teresa at 10:46 AM
My name is Teresa and I'm a pessimist.
This week my pessimism has been under

It started this Saturday when my pastor's

sermon (yes, I go to church on Saturdays)
was about having a more positive
outlook on life. Then the next morning
my mom was in the living room watching
on television the ever so happy Joel
. He has to be the most encouraging
person I've ever seen. Later that day
I decided to see the new age movie
The Secret after hearing much buzz about

it. The movie is about how thinking
positive helps you get things.

I realized how cynical and negative I have

become. Being a pessimist comes naturally
to me. It just runs through me. I also believe
it is reflected in my career choice.

I often think how can one be so optimistic
when there are so many bad and wrong

things happening everyday in this world.
But the people who make a real difference

have hope. For example, people like J.F.K,
Martin Luther King Jr., and Mother Teresa
had messages of hope.

I'm trying to learn to be less critical



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