Wednesday, March 14, 2007

American Stinkfest!

Posted by Teresa at 12:09 PM

I watched American Idol last night and
80 percent of the contestants were horrible.
There were people forgetting words and some
horrible enunciating and I'm not talking about
Paula's judging. I kept on thinking the show
supposedly traveled all around the country
and auditioned thousands of people and this
is the talent they found. Really?!? Halfway
through the show I thought maybe I should
audition next near because I think I could
possibly sing better than a couple of those
"singers." And that's because I've been told I
sound like a dog howling (thanks mom).
It just fustrates me to think there is so much
talent out there who would cherish an
opportunity such as this and instead it is
given to mediocre performers.



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