Sunday, April 29, 2007

Not taking the bait

Posted by Teresa at 5:48 PM
One thing I love about the internet is all the
interactivity. I enjoy leaving comments on
people's blogs.

I frequent many political blogs. Of course
these sites are going to have controversial
topics in order to start a heated debate.
I've noticed that several of the popular
political blogs and debate television shows
often come from an angry place.
Anger is not always necessarily bad.
There are so many horrible things
going on in our world and showing some
passion may get some feet moving.

But I wonder how many of these angry voices
really care about the topic they are
ranting about. Or they simply trying to create
buzz about their website or T.V. program so they
can get viewers? I don't know the answer because
I can't see into someone's intention.
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I use to leave comments on blogs that would
show hostility towards my beliefs. But I have
decided I will no longer do so. Even the act
of leaving a comment explaining my particular
point of view is participating in the igniting of the
fire. I am no longer going to be baited.

I have no problem in participating in discussions
on topics that are of importance. But I think it has to be done
with people are trying to solve these difficult problems
we are facing in our country and world and not with
people who are fiery and have possible ulterior motives.


Jason on 12:17 PM, April 30, 2007 said...

I think it's a waste of time debating most of these people. If they want to be stupid the rest of their life-I just let them.


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