Thursday, May 24, 2007

Being Casual

Posted by Teresa at 8:18 PM

Yesterday, someone told me they had been
invited to a casual themed wedding and
informal wear was allowed. At first, I
immediately thought that was such a great idea.
No need to make a big fuss about what to wear!
The important part is the commitment being made
not the formality of the event. Later I thought
perhaps a wedding should be in a formal setting.
I think informality has crept into so many areas
of our lives such as our workplaces and language.
I've become accustomed to a world where
professors cuss and pastors don't wear a suit and
tie. Should we also welcome casualness in a wedding

I guess my question is:
Have we become too informal of a society?
And is that a bad or good thing?


Anonymous said...

as someone who is planning a wedding right now i can say that is a great question! i think that the comfort of being casual is something that on a wedding day a lot of people try to grab at since in our day to day lives it is such a big part. not really a bad thing since with the dress and the suits it is still farely formal but to have a relaxed reception i think is a great idea to have families that may not know each other at all feel much more at ease to mingle!


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