Friday, May 4, 2007

The Evangelical Atheist

Posted by Teresa at 11:41 AM

Last night on The Colbert Report, Steven talked
about the rise of a more aggressive spreading
of atheism. He gave an example of atheist Michel
Onfray giving two hours lectures (or sermons) every
Sunday about "freethinking." The members are

It also seems the best seller's list has seen an onslaught
of books trying to debunk God. For example, the ones
pictured above. I've also noticed in the online community
a growing a number of websites doing the same.
One website is offering a Youtube blasphemy challenge.
It is encouraging blasphemers to post their rhetoric.

I find all this ironic, as Colbert does, because the
Christian community has often been criticized
for being too aggressive. You know that whole,
"Don't shove it done my throat," bit. But now
non-believers seem to be doing the exact thing.
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All I have to say to atheists is be careful you don't
want people to think your "too preachy."
Side note: Only three Republicans last night
at the debate said they did not believed in evolution.


anthropositor on 1:11 PM, May 06, 2007 said...

Hello Teresa,
First an apology for being tardy in responding to your comment on my blog. It was appreciated.

I chose this spot to communicate with you because it has always been my feeling that agnostics and athiests have quite rarely gotten evangelical about their perspectives.

In general they are leaving the playing field entirely to the... intense and vocal believers of various theistic metaphors. In terms of sheer numbers, the vocal believers outnumber the unbelievers and the vigorous neutrals by a hundred to one.

The same is true of fanatical nationalism. In many, many countries, one can put oneself at considerable risk by saying things counter to the current ruling regime, or by even communicating with someone who is percieved by the authorities as being an enemy.

A number of weeks ago I received an E-mail from a young woman from a Middle East country at great odds with the United States. While I too am sometimes at great odds with the administration, I fear that her communication with me, an obvious infidel, would not be viewed by her government in this light.

I addressed her health oriented questions comprehensively and closed with some cautionary thoughts about the possibility that she was exposing herself to danger communicating with me.

I did not want to cut off the dialogue. From my perspective it was quite refreshing and I really like helping people when I can.

The woman wrote back again. Sadly, I discouraged her even more strenuously in my response. That was difficult for me.

I feel fortunate that we do not have the same problem.

Teresa on 5:50 PM, May 06, 2007 said...

Hello Anthro,

I would agree with you that believers are more vocal than non-believers (well, at least in the U.S.). But more louder voices is not the way to quite the already loud voices in the room.
I just find it ironic that atheists are resorting to the same techniques that they have for a long time bemoaned . Dare I say it, it is almost like an organized religion.
That being said I believe different voices need to be heard.
I appreciate hearing from people who don't agree with my religious beliefs.


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