Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Not just the facts

Posted by Teresa at 1:04 PM

There has been quite the chatter about the environment lately.
Senator Obama said today, "The age of oil must end in our time."
I agree with him on this issue.

I think the message of conservation is a noble one.But why isn't more
being done when it seems that most Americans believe it is a problem?
Something is not resonating.

I recently saw the HBO documentary Too Hot Not to Handle about
global warming. It was loaded with evidence for global warming. I was
convinced. But do I need to agree with the scientific facts to be
environmentally friendly?

I think many arguments for conservation come from a scientific
background, which is all well and good. However, where are the
moral arguments?

As humans we have a moral obligation not to be wasteful with our
resources. Remember when you were little and you were told to
respect yours and other people's property. It was a simple message.
I think the same premise could be applied to the environment. We
really don't need all the data about water and land pollution to be
brought to the green side because we should morally already be
there. The science should be the icing on an already well made cake.

Another mistake being done is using celebrities to send out the
message. I don't want to hear the message of conservation from an
overindulgent group of people.



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