Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Blockbusters= Big Bummer

Posted by Teresa at 10:49 AM

Photos gathered from Yahoo! Movies

Another onslaught of summer blockbuster movies is
upon us. It seems the movie business still hasn't learned
its lesson. They keep on making these big budget, special
effects films and each year they are received with mediocre
reception, both financially and in enthusiasm. Evan Almighty
didn't do as well as expected in the box office.

They still haven't learned that sequels to a successful and
good movie doesn't equal to success or a good movie.
And sometimes they even make sequels to movies that
weren't even good in the first place (cough, Fantastic Four).
I just can't help but thinking that they get paid millions
of dollars to make these summer flicks and still can't produce
a quality product. If I had a $100 million dollars to make a
movie I would make sure it had comedy, romance, action,
drama and suspense and that would be in the first 10 minutes.
Ok, I know that would lead to a hard to follow movie.
I must admit I've never been an action film fan and that might
be the reason most of the summer movies don't appeal to me.

Speaking of summer films, here is an interview with the director
of 'Evan Almighty,' Tom Shadyac with Christianity Today. Here is a
good quote:

Madeleine L'Engle talks about this in her book Walking on Water—that
you would think it would be our Christianity that affects our art, but it's
more like our art affects our Christianity. We're storytellers, and by engaging
in stories, you become more aware of the human condition, of the journey, of
the challenges. And that affects our faith.



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