Thursday, June 7, 2007

Golden Era of Television

Posted by Teresa at 10:15 AM

I watched this interview with Conan O'Brien on
Charlie Rose a while back. I thought he made some
interesting points on television. O'Brien and Rose
agreed that we are living in an Golden Era of
television, we just don't know it. He said that
the quality of writing and acting has made this the
Golden Era. He points to shows like 'Lost,' 'House,"
and '24.'

I agree with him. You now see quality actors from
movies doing T.V. For example, Gary Sinise,
Keira Sedgwick, and James Woods are on
television. And it use to be if you wanted an action
based, special affect entertainment you had to go to
the movies. But now you can tune in to something like
'24,' and 'Lost,' on your HDTV for some action packed
programming. They also talked about niche programming.

I know I am biased as a television fanatic and O'Brien
is on the tele, so he has to say that. I really don't go to
the movie theater too often because I can spend those
two hours watching my favorite shows on my DVR.



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