Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Posted by Teresa at 5:30 PM
I find it ironic how much of our life here on Earth is contingent
upon what we believe about the after life. It affects every aspect
of one's life. How one loves, thinks, works, eats, handles money, gives,
spends their time, and raise their families can be influenced by
what your view of the after life is. The Bible has something to
say about each one of these topics.

It is my belief that when you add God into the mix each one
of these life experiences each become more sacred. We are called to love
even our enemies. Thoughts are something that should be evaluated.
Work honors God. Your body is a temple and it matters what you put in it.
Money can be a blessing and a curse. Giving of your time and resources
to others matters. Time is not to be wasted because it is a gift from God.
Families are to nurture.

But if you take God out of the equation it all looks different. Love is just
another human emotion. Thoughts are just thoughts. Work is something
you do from 9 to 5. Your body is your own so it's your personal business
what you do with it. Money is the means in which you get more stuff.
Giving really doesn't really help but enables. Time is money. Families is
a societal structure for child rearing and marriage is just a legal paper.

For me I need God for meaning in life. I want things to matter. I need
things to be meaningful.



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