Friday, June 22, 2007

The Slippery Slope

Posted by Teresa at 9:52 AM
Yesterday two news stories involving journalistic ethics
grabbed attention. In graduate school I read several books
on journalistic ethics. I'm thinking I should send copies to some
of the folks working in broadcast news, which is slowly turning
into infotainment news.

First story was a report on by Bill Dedman. According
to the report, " identified 144 journalists who made
political contributions from 2004 through the start of the 2008
campaign, according to the public records of the Federal Election
Commission." Of those 144, 125 journalists gave to "Democrats
and liberal causes." As noted by the article some news organizations
strictly forbid political activity. I believe this issue is important because
it speaks to the objectivity of the people working in the newsrooms.
Can we trust that we are receiving an unbiased report on a political
issue when the person giving us the news just donated $500 to a
political campaign?

I know that many will say that objectivity is a fallacy and wishful
thinking. Yes, journalists are human and have strong views
and perspectives and bring that to the table when they report.
But I think to ask them to put those political leanings aside and
report the facts about the story is not too much to ask. And perhaps
you can donate money to a political campaign and still be objective.
The Bible says, "..where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."
I think these reporters just showed us where their hearts lie.

The New York Post reported yesterday that NBC has agreed to pay
as much as $1 million dollars for an after jail Paris Hilton interview, which will
be aired on the 'Today Show.' Although, today is reporting
NBC News denies it pays for interviews. However, the last paragraph of
the article sounds a little fishy:

Recently, NBC landed an exclusive interview with Britain’s Princes William
and Harry, which, conducted by Matt Lauer, aired Monday as an edition of
“Dateline NBC.” NBC also reportedly paid a fee in the low seven figures for
American rights to air a concert next month in honor of their late mother,
Diana, to mark the 10th anniversary of her death.


jim on 12:44 PM, June 22, 2007 said...

I think the NBC News comment is more than suspect. They stated that NBC News would never pay for an interview. But the mornings shows are NBC Entertainment. Different entity.

Almost 90 of the mainstream media are liberal or left leaning.Unfortunately that is where most people get their news.

Anonymous said...

Apparently you anti-American reich-wingers never read the MSNBC article because many of the donors were not "journalists"...some were employees of media sources. You people are such morons.

Anonymous said...

Ethics in journalism? Heh.

Thanks for the hearty laugh this evening...


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