Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer 'Officially' Begins

Posted by Teresa at 9:21 AM
I was reminded yesterday by my calender that
summer officially begins today. Then again when
I went to the Yahoo! home page. It's been hot in
South Texas for the past month. So I really can't
tell when summer begins. Maybe I should measure
the seasons by stepping outside bare footed. If I step on
the pavement and start hopping around because my
feet are blistering, then it's summer! So tell me,
the four people that read my blog, do you have any
special summer plans? Or is it work as usual?

This is the graphic Yahoo! has up next to it's search
bar to celebrate summer:


Jason on 12:59 PM, June 21, 2007 said...

Yep, spent the last two days in San Antonio driving around endlessly for hours looking for a non-existent address. Went to the Alamo, two medical schools, and found a cat in my motel room.

Teresa on 1:11 PM, June 21, 2007 said...

Yeah San Antonio!
A cat in the motel room... weird.
Jason, you didn't go to any theme parks?

jim on 1:22 PM, June 21, 2007 said...

Heading to D.C. for sure, may make it down to Corpus.

Jason on 1:40 PM, June 21, 2007 said...

No,no theme parks. I went for an interview at the UT medical school. . .thinking I might want to move there for a year before going to WA. I'm not so sure now.


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