Friday, June 15, 2007

Things I've learned

Posted by Teresa at 7:42 PM
I've completed three months in my attempt to become
to become a professional blogger. I've been blogging
for a couple of years but it wasn't till a few months ago
I've poured myself fervently into it. I must confess my
run hasn't been much of success. Here are things I've
learned so far.

1. I don't know how to promote a blog! You can
have excellent content (which I am not claiming I have)
but if you don't know how to get the word out it is
utterly useless.

2. The internet is a mean place. Everyday I spend
hours looking at other well visited blogs to see what is
getting all the buzz. A lot of what is on the net is mean-
spirited, gossipy, or just plain silly. I'll admit it easy to
get sucked into it.

3. You have to be creative. Finding new and fresh
content on a regular basis is difficult.

4. It is time consuming. You wouldn't think posting
short material takes all that much time but you would
be wrong. Burn out is so easy.

5. It's easy to lose focus. It is too easy to forget why you
do what you are doing. Like life you have to have purpose.
I'm doing this so I can get my voice heard.

So I haven't been a hit on the internets (as Bush would say)
and I may never be. I'm totally fine with that. But I'm hoping
that I take what I've learned so far and grow as a blogger.
I'll take my successes where I can.


Jason on 7:47 PM, June 16, 2007 said...

Practice makes perfect, or rather, makes it better.

--Michael Jordan

I like the look. It's professional-looking.

Teresa on 9:05 PM, June 16, 2007 said...

Thanks Jason for your comments.
I was getting tired of the old look. I hope it is more navigable this way.


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