Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Post-debate Reaction

Posted by Teresa at 1:16 PM

The CNN/Youtube debate was held last night and I must
say I was pleasantly surprised. I had my trepidations
about the type of questions Youtubers would ask but
for the most part they were good. They covered the
important issues of our day and the questions were just
as good as any CNN journalist would ask.

I felt the candidates also did fairly well. Although, there are
way too many candidates on stage. At this point I am
more interested in what the front runners, Senators Obama
and Clinton, have to say and the current situation doesn't allow
them to go into much depth. I am especially curious in hearing
what Sen. Obama's go into more depth on the issues since he is
new to the Senate.

Exit questions: What did you think of the debate? What did you
think of the Youtbube format?



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