Saturday, July 7, 2007

Save Planet Earth, Have an Extravaganza

Posted by Teresa at 3:10 PM

Want to spread awareness of environmental conservation?
What is the best way to do that? Perhaps, spreading
environmental literature filled with scientific facts. No.
Maybe setting up a community program that plants trees
locally. No, that won't work. How about setting up a massive
global concert with musicians Ludacris, Shakira, and other
celebrities? Yes, that is the answer! Because nothing says
'I'm saving Planet Earth' like the sound of a guitar and
thousands of people gathered together cheering. But that
is what Live Earth is saying. I can hear the Earth being saved
as we speak! Or I think that is the sound of Mother Earth healing,
I can't tell with all the loud music.

Look I think the message of conservation is a great cause.
I just don't believe a huge concert with a bunch of jet setting
celebrities will do the trick.


Joshua P. Allem on 10:20 AM, July 08, 2007 said...

That's because you're thinking. These folks also believed making love all over the planet at the same time would bring about the aura of peace and would overturn all thoughts of war. They also believed that if everone in the United States jumped up and down at the exact same moment in time at a certain time of day, it would push the earth into an orbit further away from the sun therefore solving the global warming problem.

Sherrysrgs on 3:03 AM, December 10, 2012 said...

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