Friday, August 24, 2007

American Christianity

Posted by Teresa at 4:30 PM
I blogged earlier this week about the CNN series
"God's Warriors." Last night it ended with a discussion about
politics and Christianity and it did mostly focus on fundamentalist
as was expected. However, there were some religious leaders
that were interviewed that had different opinions than the
religious right. One pastor surmised that politics has no place
in the pulpit. Another religious leader spoke about how taking
care of the environment is a religious and moral issue.
Indeed, it is.

Everyone is trying to find their place in society and have their
voice heard. Religious people are no different, we are just like
everyone else in that aspect. Trying to find out what is important
to us as individuals and to us as a group. I know what is vital me
as a person. But when setting the priorities of a collective group,
well, now that is a different story? What should us as Christians
care about? What should our role be in society? How do we
communicate the message of the Good News? That's where we
get in trouble.

One thing I was impressed about last night is how the Christian
religious leaders Amanpour interviewed had vastly different
answers for the above questions. One would think that people with
same theological perspective would ultimately come to the same
conclusions. This is not so. The Christian community actually
has diversity of thought! Diversity is cherished and flourishes
here in America and I think our churches here reflect that.
The even more amazing part to me is that even among all these
disagreements on certain issues we are still remain united.

Many accusations can be rightly thrown at the American Christian
community but I don't think a lack of diversity is one of them. Church
to me is a place where even I; an ethnic minority in this country,
female, and a sinner, is valued. It is a true testament to God's love.



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