Friday, August 24, 2007

Headlines 08-24-07

Posted by Teresa at 8:36 PM
Religious youth tend to be happy- "The Associated Press
and MTV found that people aged 13 to 24 who describe
themselves as very spiritual or religious tend to be
happier than those who don’t."
Mother Teresa had doubts- I think is normal for believers
to have doubts. I know when I go through my doubting
periods it helps he sift my faith and makes it even stronger.
I think this shows she was a very thoughtful and sincere
woman of God.
Presidential Candidates: Yo! Chat wit me- MySpace, MTV
will hold real-time online conversations. So who do think
MySpacers and MTV watchers most want to talk to?
Study: Chick Magnets today look like cavemen- The evolution
of facial appearance.



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