Friday, August 17, 2007

iAlways Connected

Posted by Teresa at 4:39 PM
Yesterday I saw this now viral video about this girl
who received a 300 page I-Phone bill. It is now
featured on Yahoo! and Myspace:

I was curious about what type of person would
ring up a such a massive bill since I'm such a cell phone
loser and average one text message a month. Which led
me to her blog. Her name is Justine and she apparently
does live streaming throughout the day.

This incident got me to thinking about the whole nature
of the internet and access to the content creators. It seems
like now the cool thing to do online is become a 'web personality'
(for lack for a better term). One way to do that is by giving people
more access to you. Do live video chatting so throughout the day so
people can see what you are doing like Justine is doing. Upload
videos unto Youtube. Twitter throughout the day so you let people
know what are you doing at all hours of the day including when you
wake and what you eat. Use your digital camera to upload personal
pictures to Flickr. Then there are also social networking sites like
MySpace and Facebook so you can spread the word to a large list of
people what you are working on.

It seems now people want more access to the people they see online.
Even politicians have videos on Youtube, pictures on Flickr, and MySpace
accounts. But how much access to people should we have? Is all this
crossing the line?

I love blogging and I also like using all these neat tools. I do want to
connect with others through the internet and want to find out what all my
online and offline friends are up to. But are people like Justine giving
up way too much of their privacy for some notoriety (and I assume
she is also making a living doing this)?

I know a lot of people on the web believe in complete transparency
with their audience. I, however, am not of this view. I think there
needs to be a professional distance between the person producing the
content and the viewers, readers. Plus, I think it is only healthy to
be disconnect yourself from media sometimes and enjoy the world
around us. So, I believe I found out what type of person would receive
a 300 page cell phone bill. The type that doesn't disconnect from social

P.S. Don't get me wrong I still enjoy receiving emails and comments
on my blog!!!


BRI on 1:20 PM, August 23, 2007 said...

Yeah, Justine just wants fame and money. She annoys me really. haha


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