Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Job searching and stuff

Posted by Teresa at 7:03 PM
Allow me to get a little personal and talk about my
job search for a minute. I'll admit I haven't been
actively searching for the past few months but I'm
coming back in full force.

One of the reasons why I haven't been aggressively
on the job hunt is because I was hoping (and still am)
that I could make this whole blogging thing a career.
It has proven to be not the easiest thing to get into
so I've decided to focus on jobs that you would find,
for example, in a classified ad in a newspaper.

Another reason is that I've been struggling to focus
on what kind of jobs I should be applying . I never
thought I would a 25-year-old with a graduate degree
who is still trying to figure out what career path to take.
But here I am.

Perhaps, I've been fed the notion that a job not only can supply
you with financial resources but you can actually find some
kind of enjoyment if you choose the right career. Part still
wants to hold this to be true and the other part just wants
to go somewhere from 8 to 5 and get paid for being there.



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