Friday, September 14, 2007

The Christian Response to Blasphemy?

Posted by Teresa at 11:28 AM

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On Tuesday the Creative Arts Emmy Awards said they
will cut blasphemes remarks made by comic Kathy Griffin
while accepting an award. I never know how to react when
I hear about someone saying blasphemes stuff. Should I just
ignore and not saying anything because it just fuels the fire?
But then I say to myself but that's my loving God they are
talking about I can't be silent. Then I remember Jesus said
to turn the other cheek. Obviously, getting angry will solve
absolutely anything. And there is no point in arguing or debating
the matter with people who say such things because they don't
believe in God, thus, don't believe they are doing anything wrong.

Protesting, banning, or censoring just makes it seem like Christians
can't handle criticism. However, I feel E! is doing the right thing and
cutting the offensive part out because they are doing it on their own
and not because they received a room full of angry letters. I feel the
whole culture debate would be made simpler if media organizations
took responsibility in their own hands and not wait till the mob comes
out to contemplate whether to censor or not to censor. It's their business
and it should be in their best interest in making sure material that
crosses the line not be aired. Here is an interesting response to Ms. Griffin.

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