Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Going down the tubes

Posted by Teresa at 11:09 AM

(Video via Hotair)

Laura Ingraham was on the Today Show and briefly
talked about how our culture is going down the gutter.
I totally agree with her. Our media has become too violent
and over-sexualized. The only problem I have is that I have
NO idea what to do about. I almost feel helpless in the matter.
Like Ingraham you can't just turn it off because it is everywhere.
And we don't want the government to censor people, that is not
what democracy is about. I've also given up on the media entities
stepping in and taking responsibility for the material they put out
because money talks and trash sells.

I'm honesty frustrated about this issue. The problematic thing
for me is now there is the internet so it's basically just doing
what junk television and tabloids having being doing for years
just to the 10th power. I see things getting worse and I have
no idea what to say or do about it more. Tell me what you
guys think?



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