Friday, September 7, 2007

Headlines 09-07-07

Posted by Teresa at 2:59 PM
Transcript of Bin Laden's new video- The text is blurry and
pixelated. He urges Americans to 'embrace Islam.'
Need not be so religious to have White House-The Pew Forum
survey also found that U.S. presidential candidates need not be
seen as very religious to gain wide voter acceptance, noting that
the Democratic and Republican front-runners -- Hillary Clinton
and Rudy Giuliani -- are viewed as the least religious among the
top contenders.
Oprah to hold fundraiser for Obama- But will she put on "Audacity
of Hope" on her Oprah book club list is my question.
Obama: A little snore-y and stinky says wife- I just thought this is
funny. I apologize if it is gossipy. I actually find Michelle Obama an
excellent speaker herself. Check out this video.


Christopher on 1:19 PM, September 09, 2007 said...

The people I've talked to have said Obama's book bombed. I'll read it if he gets the nomination.


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