Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Moral Psychology and Religion

Posted by Teresa at 6:59 PM
I was lead to this interesting piece today (hat tip: Breeze Debris).
Here is a quote:

"My UVA colleagues Jesse Graham, Brian Nosek, and I
have collected data from about 7,000 people so far on a
survey designed to measure people's endorsement of these
five foundations. In every sample we've looked at, in the
United States and in other Western countries, we find that
people who self-identify as liberals endorse moral values and
statements related to the two individualizing foundations
primarily, whereas self-described conservatives endorse
values and statements related to all five foundations. It seems
that the moral domain encompasses more for conservatives—
it's not just about Gilligan's care and Kohlberg's justice. It's also
about Durkheim's issues of loyalty to the group, respect for
authority, and sacredness."



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