Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Not so good news for 'fake news'

Posted by Teresa at 11:14 AM
I first learned about the unethical practices of 'video news releases'
(VNR's) in college. Basically, what VNR's are pre-packaged public
relations media sent to broadcast stations ready to air. Here is an
example of one:

Well, VNR's might be taking a hit today, according to this AP article,
and it's about time! The article states, "The Federal Communications
Commission is proposing a $4,000 fine against Comcast Corp. for airing
a pitch for a sleep aid without telling viewers that the spot was financed
by the maker of the product."

I know news organizations need press releases to find out what is going
on in the community and get inside information about the latest products.
It's when the public relations department of a company starts writing the
material for news outlets that's not right. It also shows the laziness of the
stations that air them.



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