Thursday, October 25, 2007

During a crisis

Posted by Teresa at 11:23 AM
I continue to be utterly embarrassed by some of our politicians
in America. Look at the outrageous statements a few have made
in the past couple of weeks. Here is Senate Majority Leader Harry
Reid already surmising the California fires are caused by global

Here is Lt. Governor of California John Garamendi
saying he will be "polite" to Bush when he heads
to see the damage done by the fires:

I'm also embarrassed by our media who's itching for people to
bash our federal government. Here is an ABC reporter wanting
to get a negative report from Gov. Schwarzenegger:

These are the people we are entrusting with our government
and disseminating important information during a crisis. I see
absolutely no professionalism exhibited by the people featured
in the clips above. Is this going to be the norm now whenever a
natural disaster happens? Ok, let's see if I can blame the following
on the Iraq War and also if I can tie in global warming somewhere
in there.

Politicians and journalists are public servants. They are there to
serve the people, especially during times of disasters. They are not
there to take cheap political shots. I think the American people deserve
better than this. I'm sorry, I don't think, I know we deserve better.



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