Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Headlines 10-10-2007

Posted by Teresa at 11:10 AM
It has been a slow couple of news days but here are some
of the things I've found:

Searching for Common Ground- There must be a way for
progressives and conservative Evangelical Christians can work
together on social issues. I realize both sides can be stubborn.
Liberal city finally reaching it's limits?
- No more crap on
Dems seek young people's vote
- Just come up with a catchy
phrase like "Hill Yea!" and you have got our attention.
The way you grimace
- People are reading too much into this
whole 'body language' thing.

In site news I have set up a page for the list of things I have
darned on this blog. Don't worry it will continue to grow.
Check it out



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