Saturday, October 27, 2007

No More Public Education?

Posted by Teresa at 3:47 PM
Earlier this week I read this opinion piece by Thomas C. Hunt and
James C. Carper
, which argues that parents who have chosen not to
put their children in government run schools shouldn't be forced to pay
taxes and support an education system whose values they don't agree
with. More and more people are choosing not to put their children in
public schools for various of reasons. Unfortunately, not everyone can
afford private schools or have the resources for home schooling. Some
have advocated school vouchers. I saw this episode of '20/20' last year
on the subject of vouchers:

I know that John Stossel sometimes takes radical stances where the
government shouldn't control anything but I'm in agreement with him
on this. I think our American public school system is not making the grade
and parents should have more choices on where they want to send their
children for their education. Here is piece of the Hunt and Carper article:

"The role of government in a democracy should be to see that the public
is educated, not to mandate, directly or indirectly through financial policies,
one particular form of education. When the government privileges a specific
set of propositions of knowledge and dispositions of value and belief, it has
established the educational equivalent of a state church."

Lately the issue of "universal" health care has been getting traction, which
is basically a push for more government involvement in our health care.
I think we only need to look at our public schools to see that our government
has problems running things efficiently.



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