Tuesday, October 30, 2007

So suprised!

Posted by Teresa at 11:40 AM
I'm really getting exhausted of the news reports (like this)
that seem so surprised Republicans are willing to vote for
someone who isn't a social conservative, like Rudy Giuliani.
They keep on pointing out that he has had three marriages.
In a day in age when more than fifty percent of marriages
end in divorce, is it really that surprising? In a country where
abortion has been legal for decades, is it really that surprising
that a pro-choice candidate would be the Republican nominee?

Not everyone in the Republican party is a social conservative.
And this is probably even a bigger shocker for political reporters:
Not everyone who attends church on Sunday is socially conservative.
Yes, a big chunk of the Republican party is socially conservative
and the same goes for church goers but you leave out a group of
people who aren't.

Speaking about conservatism, look at Michael Gerson having to
explain to Jon Stewart that conservatives can be humanitarians
and care about people too :




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