Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Posted by Teresa at 6:10 PM

It was awful what one McCain supporter called Senator Clinton recently.
You've probably have heard about it all over the cable news networks or
the internet. What a disrespectful and degrading thing to say about a United
States Senator. I know I am probably coming off as a huge hypocrite here
since I haven't exactly been nice to Sen. Clinton. Sorry. Unfortunately, this
type of rhetoric is becoming commonplace in our political discourse.

I once thought this was that foul mouth language was reserved only to left
when they talk about President Bush or Republicans. I would give you specific
examples from celebs, blogs, or anti-war protesters but it would probably fill
up this whole blog post. I'm disappointed that we also find these offensive words
on the right. I guess I was naive.

The Republican Party has largely appealed to me as a Christian because it is
usually conservative groups that fight for decency in the airwaves. I'm often
troubled by the things I hear and see in television, radio, and the internet.
So I want to support people who fight against this sort of deterioration of
popular art and culture. That's why I was somewhat surprised that this was
a question asked at a Sen. McCain campaign function.

I've learned my lesson. Decency shouldn't be a right or left issue. We all should
care that there are people who cannot iterate their political ideas with out using
a curse words. This means that ideas and thoughts are being stifled by emotions.
Foul language is an indication that anger has overtaken the person and that is
the way they communicate.



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