Friday, November 16, 2007

It's all just a bunch of Grey!

Posted by Teresa at 1:45 PM
Many believe that the most dangerous thing about television and movies
is the abundance of sexual and violent content. I agree that those type of
images can be harmful. However, I don't agree that is the most detrimental
effect of television. The ideology that is preached in these programs is what
we should pay attention to. And most of the time it's the benign scenes, the
one's without violence or sexual overtones, that reflect their true hearts.

Take for example the hit show "Grey's Anatomy." I watched the program a
couple of weeks ago and I was taken back by this scene:

Let me explain why. Bailey is telling George, who recently confessed to
his wife that he had an affair with his best friend, things are not black
or white. That right there is a philosophy. I believe it's dangerous to think
that there's no right or wrong. In George's situation there is no ambivalence.
Having an affair is wrong. There's no "gray" area! Bailey's situation, I
admit, is a bit more complicated. However, if you notice in the scene she
qualifies her actions as "a good thing." She herself defines the issue as
wrong and right. Her husband is WRONG for not understanding. She is
RIGHT is helping a little boy.

The sad thing is this is not the only show on air that teaches the philosophy of
moral relativity. In graduate school I did a paper where my group members
and I spotted many cases of this in the program "Law and Order." So my
friends it is not just the "love" scenes or acts of violence that we need to
beware of, it's the moments where they want to indoctrinate you with their



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