Sunday, November 11, 2007


Posted by Teresa at 7:13 PM

There's this beautiful scene in the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun"
when a young couple deeply in love finally get approval from their
family and get married. There are many reasons why I love this scene.
I love the traditional, religious ceremony said in Italian. Absolutely
gorgeous. I also enjoy the joyful reaction of the main character, Frances
(played by Diane Lane), in the scene. You see Frances is a recent
divorcee who moved to Tuscany to make a change in her life.
She has been hurt by love. However, in this scene you can see that
she regains her faith in love and, perhaps, the institution of marriage.

I think many in American society have lost faith in the institution
of marriage. More young couples are deciding to live together and
forgo marriage. And really who can blame with them with the high
divorce rates that have been consistent for the past two decades.
Many probably come from families of divorced parents. However,
let's not lose heart and give up on marriage and families. Marriage
at its best is the uniting to two souls who make a covenant to God
to honor and love each other forever. Marriage at its worst is simply
a legal document.



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