Saturday, November 17, 2007

This Election Just Got Really Drrrty

Posted by Teresa at 1:15 PM

You didn't think we would get through an election without some dirty
political plays, did ya? Well, these past few days have just seen the '08
get really filthy. It started when New Hampshire and Iowa residents
started receiving "push polling" calls attacking Romney's faith. It is still
a mystery who hired the firm to do this but there is much speculation
in the blogosphere. Romney called this act "un-American":

Now Robert Novak, major gossiper, is now saying that 'agents' of Sen. Clinton
have the goods on a scandal involving Sen. Obama but will not disclose it. The
surprising thing is Obama has responded to the whole thing. Here's a portion
of Obama's statement:
"During our debate in Las Vegas on Thursday, we heard Senator Clinton
rail against the politics of 'throwing mud.'

"At the very same time, in Washington, Robert Novak was publishing a
column in which he reported the following: 'Agents of Sen. Hillary Clinton
are spreading the word in Democratic circles that she has scandalous
information about her principal opponent for the party's presidential
nomination, Sen. Barack Obama...'
So this whole election is now getting extremely gossipy and dirty and that's
because I didn't even get the time to talk about all the planting of questions
going on. Heh. But can we really expect a clean campaign with a Clinton
running? Like that Christina Aguilera song says, "If you ain't dirty, you ain't
here to party."



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