Tuesday, December 18, 2007

God's Protection

Posted by Teresa at 7:31 PM
This is a very sad called "Stay" by Sugarland:

It's a song about a woman begging the married man she's been
seeing to stay and not go. Here are the lyrics.

Often as humans we seeing the instructions that God gave us in the Bible,
like His commandment against adultery, as a restriction on our lives. But
it's the exact opposite! He gives us these rules for our own protection. You
can tell by the lyrics, the tone of her voice, and the tears in her eyes
demonstrate that this relationship has caused her great pain, not joy. I
don't believe that God wants to see his children in such agony.

One thing that is often not discussed is the emotional toll an action my take
in our lives. You often hear the excuse, "Well, I didn't hurt anyone!" However,
it's difficult measure the emotional damage an action might cause yourself
and others. It's just not quantifiable. One can't quantify it by the amount of
tears one cries. Nor by the hours of contemplating what went wrong or how
things could have been different. It also can't be quantified by the life changes
that occurred after the wrong action. Emotional scars can take months or years
to heal from. However, the saddest scars are the ones that never heal.

I think this is the most enlightening line in the song:
There is one thing you should know
We don't have to live this way
I love the "have to" line in the song because it's the acknowledgment that their
own personal choices have led them to where they are at today. The best part
of the song is when she realizes what they are doing is wrong and makes a better
choice: Not staying in a bad relationship.



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