Saturday, December 8, 2007

I have some issues with Oprah

Posted by Teresa at 10:40 AM
So as you've probably heard by now Oprah Winfrey will be campaigning
for Barack Obama this weekend
. This will certainly bring large crowds
to the campaign trail. Since she is making headlines I wanted to take the
time and discuss some issues I have with her.

Oprah has been on television for decades so the public has really gotten to know
her. I believe Oprah is a good hearted, generous, and a well-intentioned person.
However, she prescribes to a wishy-washy New Age philosophy that she uses
her nationally syndicated show to promote.

I've talked about her New Age belief that all roads lead to Heaven. She
heavily promoted to the book "The Secret," another new age thought book.
She's also been in the fore front of the self-help movement, which largely tells
people to put themselves first. I can see how this philosophy has garnered so
many viewers over the years. It tells people they can form their own religion
and image of God to what makes them happy.

She also lets celebrities go on her show and spread their misguided philosophies
about life and love on her show. Here's what Halle Berry said on her show and
Oprah agreed with:

"What Gabriel and I have decided is we will just redefine marriage for
ourselves. You know, that paper isn't worth anything to me anymore. …
I don't want to do that again, so we have spent a lot of time talking about
how can we redefine this. There's all kinds of ways to commit to one
another that doesn't have to involve the government," Halle says. "I feel
more married in a way than I ever have in two marriages before."

No way am I going to let someone who believes marriage is just a piece of paper
and doesn't mean anything tell me to vote for someone especially when building strong
families is such a crucial issue and even Barack Obama concedes that in his campaign
Web site. The depressing part is more people have come to agree with her on this topic
because there's now more single women than married.

I think we are living in difficult times where hard choices and some sacrifices
have to be made. Oprah appeals to the "do whatever feels good in your own soul"
part of us that deters us from making those hard choices and that honestly
"improve" ourselves, communities, and the world. There's no tough love on
"The Oprah Show."

Oprah knows how to communicate to her large audience. She's proven that over
and over again with her stellar ratings. I know this weekend not too many in the
mainstream media will discussing the issues they have with Oprah because she's
likable and has a huge fan base. However, lets take the time to evaluate exactly
what she's been yapping about on her talk show all these years to largely a women
audience and has it indeed helped them?

Update: CNN has a segment of Oprah's speech. Also, Barack Obamas' campaign
Flickr account
has pictures of the event.



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