Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Blue and Red in Iowa

Posted by Teresa at 2:38 PM

Time is ticking away and we will know tomorrow who wins Iowa. I'm
just happy someone will finally win something somewhere. No more
yapping from the political commentators who they predict will come
in first, second, or third in Iowa. No more polls. After long fought efforts
by the candidates all will be said and done and there's going to be sense
of victory by some campaigns and great disappointment for others.

"Polls are tight for the leading Republicans and Democrats," according
to this AP article. So there's not predicting who's going to win Iowa in
both the Republican and Democratic side. I won't give any predictions
and I still have no idea who I want to vote for in November but I have
still have time.

I won't be making any predictions here but if you want to take the time
and tell me who think or want to see Iowa comment and let me know

*Most of the pictures are AP photos and if you click on them they
link to original source.



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