Sunday, January 6, 2008

Change, change, and more change!

Posted by Teresa at 3:50 PM
Let me quickly sum up the Democratic debate on ABC (I didn't
get to see the Republicans debate). It was a discussion mainly
focused on the very broad notion of "change." Here are some

Hillary responds to the "forces of status quo" comment by Edwards:

I would like to say the conversation needs move on already from
the topic of change. I want to hear exactly these people will do.
Enough already! Plus, I don't think Hillary should even engage
Barack Obama on the "change" topic. Because history shows in
(perhaps fairly or unfairly) "change" elections usually go the younger
candidate. I've mentioned before that 1992 was a change election and
Bill Clinton won against a WWII veteran. During all this change talk
Hillary Clinton did call for a "reality break":

Oh, and Democrats are not the only ones talking about change. The
change argument is even harder for a Republican to make simply
because for the past seven years we've had a Republican president.

Did I mention the presidential candidates really want change?



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