Monday, January 21, 2008

I live twittered the debate

Posted by Teresa at 9:36 PM

terryannonline Geez, must everything with Dems be financed by the government.

terryannonline Obama wants to go after the evangelical vote.

terryannonline What I've learned so far from this debate: Bush and Republicans
hate America and want you to sleep under a bridge.

terryannonline John wants the South to go to the Dems.

terryannonline Does John Edwards not realize he's one of those "rich folks."

terryannonline Hillary: Republicans are racist and sexist.

terryannonline "Do you think Bill Clinton was our first black president?" That
is such a stupid question

terryannonline I don't want to relive the 1990s.

terryannonline Blitzer: "We're gonna discuss the issues"...... What have we
been discussing so far puppies and balloons.

terryannonline Ha! A joke about Bush.... oh so funny! I can't stop laughing.
Ok, I guess I can.

terryannonline When America gets socialized health care, which country will
the people who want quality go to?

terryannonline The EVIL DRUG COMPANIES... that help people get well.

terryannonline I think Edwards wants the Vice Presidency.

terryannonline Ha! Hillary accusing someone else of never taking responsibility. That's absolutely hilarious.

terryannonline Hillary Clinton: "We're just getting warmed up."

terryannonline Ronald Reagan got elected twice.

terryannonline Obama is fighting back.

terryannonline Again... do the Dems not realize that Bush is not in the ticket
this time. So all their remarks about him amount to nothing.

terryannonline I hope the debate tonight gets a topic change.....from the topic
of change. I can have the audacity to hope.



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