Friday, January 18, 2008

If Republicans want to keep hope alive...

Posted by Teresa at 6:10 AM
they better be praying that Obama doesn't win the Democratic
nomination. Let me sum it up in a simplified way;

McCain v. Obama- McCain is a long time senator who's seems set in his ways
and Obama is a young, energetic senator. Again, if the election theme stays
on change (although, we don't know if the topic my change ten months from now)
I believe McCain will lose. I must admit the debates will be interested to
see if it's Obama and McCain.

Romney v. Obama- Mitt is a former governor who appears to say whatever
people want to hear and doesn't seem to connect very well and he will be
going against a great communicator and whose message does seem to resonate.

Giuliani v. Obama- Rudy Giuliani has had a hard time getting past talking
about 9/11. Obama talks a lot about hope in the future. So, a Obama will
turn the campaign into looking back at the past v. hope for the future debate.

It does not look good for Republicans if they have to run against Obama.
Of course, things can change from here to November. Anything is possible.
I'll say it again I'm still not sold on who to vote for. I'm going to wait till the
parties pick their nominees and see who makes the better case.

And it looks Obama is trying to appeal to Republicans:



Christopher on 10:59 AM, January 19, 2008 said...

Yeah I'd agree no Republican seems to have a chance aganist Obama but again that could just be the main stream media in me talking. It's going to be harder for any R to win this year, Hillary is beatable (though she could win), Edwards is not (though he won't get the nom.), and Obama is in between the two. Out of all the Republicans, McCain would probably do the best, but since I supporting him, I'm biased.


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