Saturday, January 19, 2008

McCain wins South Carolina

Posted by Teresa at 8:26 PM
Are we looking at the front runner?

Super Tuesday is going to be a nail biter.


This might be the end of the road for Mike Huckabee. He didn't
win in a heavily evangelical state. He might get the Vice-President
selection on the ticket if either Romney or Giuliani get the nod.
They need evangelicals.


forged rite said...

I saw your comments on the McCain immigration thread at Hot air (don't have a commenting account there) and just wanted to say that i agree with you and your points about Goldwater/Reagan/Bush were good ones. Bush was perfectly clear about his position on immigration and most, if not all of the people complaining about McCain probably voted for Bush. They don't seem able to grasp the concept that with a McCain presidency conservatives would hold some clout to stop another "comprehensive immigration" bill just like they did with Bush last year, which they wouldn't be able to do with a Democrat in the White House. The people saying "if my candidate doesn't get the nomination i'll stay home/vote dem.etc..." have become tiresome and sound like spoiled kids who didn't get the Christmas present they wanted. I plan on voting for whoever the Republican nominee is (except Paul, which is something i think everyone can agree on) because even though they hold some positions i don't agree with, they're still far better than any Democrat.


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