Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Obama calls Clinton Divisive

Posted by Teresa at 2:51 PM
This has been an fascinating primary election. It will go down in history.
Today Sen. Obama is calling Sen. Clinton a divisive figure. Here's an excerpt
of an Associated Press article:
Democratic White House candidate Barack Obama on Wednesday
said rival Hillary Rodham Clinton is too polarizing to win the presidency
and she has taken positions shared by President Bush and Republican
candidate John McCain for political expediency.

Obama depicted Clinton as a calculating, poll-tested divisive figure who
will only inspire greater partisan divisions as she sides with Republicans
on issues like trade, the role of lobbyists in politics and national security.
It's weird the article claims that Sen. Obama depicts Sen. Clinton as divisive
figure because she sides with Republicans. I thought Obama wanted to get
some Republican voters? Also, I wouldn't say that she sides with Republicans
on national security. Yes, she and her husband did support the war in Iraq at
first (until the polls turned, of course). However, she promises to take the troops
out in a year, no Republican candidate supports that. She blasted the surge, which
I think was a big mistake, and will probably haunt her in the general election. I
don't like it when the candidates use general statements that might on the surface
seem true but when examined are not.


UJ on 3:51 PM, January 30, 2008 said...

Hillary siding (and voting!) with republican politicians on partisan issues and Obama attempting to persuade republican voters are two entirely different things, not to be confused.

Also, Hillary hasn't said she wants to pull the troops out in a year, she said she wants a "responsible drawdown" of all "combat troops." Considering there's at least 160,000 non-combat contractors in Iraq, I wouldn't say Hillary just stepped off the van from Berkeley, y'dig?

It's a classic Clinton tactic that spans their entire career. They say things in a way so that all sides think they heard what they want to hear. Only they didn't. Republicans hear "responsible" and "ending combat missions" and Democrats hear "all...troops...within the first year." Classic!

Is Hillary really going to pull all troops out of Iraq?

Well, I guess that depends on what your definition of


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