Wednesday, January 2, 2008

They Said What : The Night Before Iowa Edition

Posted by Teresa at 8:24 PM

Wow! There's so much coverage of the Iowa Caucus on television and in
the political blog world that my brain can't possibly input anymore information.
However, all this media coverage means more politicians and pundits are
saying some audacious stuff. Another great opportunity for another edition
of "They Said What!?!"

Two of my quotes involve Huckabee (one not directly from him). The
first is from an ABC News article that has him suggesting that if Romney
wins democratic process can be bought:

He suggested that a victory for the well-funded Romney would be
a victory for "plutocracy. &You might as well put [the presidency]
on eBay and sell it to the highest bidder."

I'm so broke right now that I would consider to selling my vote on eBay. I'm
just joking I would never do such a thing. Oh, not because I think it's
undemocratic, I still haven't figured out how to use eBay. Note to Huck:
I already think that John Edwards has the whole 'two Americas' spiel
down and perhaps copyrighted.

I guess the last days of campaigning in Iowa has got some of the players
quite aggressive. Here's what Huckabees' national campaign chairman,
Ed Rollins, had to say about Romney:

"What I have to do is make sure that my anger with a guy like
Romney, whose teeth I want to knock out, doesn't get in the
way of my thought process."

Wow, why all the hostility?

Rush says it's going to get bloody if we don't nominate a 'real' conservative:
"If our nominee is either not conservative and is pandering to
the left trying to get some of their votes, or if our nominee is so
afraid of his record that he’s relying on identity politics to get
votes or if our nominee decides that the only way he can win is
to go out and pick off some libs in the northeast and out in the
west, it’s going to be a bloodbath," he predicted of the general
So what we've had the past couple of days is tough talk by political and
news chatters. I can't wait till tomorrow.

Oh maybe Hillary and Huckabee will make it on my list tomorrow because
they will be doing some late night chitchatting on the tele tonight.



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