Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bush says no recession, Obama were on the brink

Posted by Teresa at 11:32 AM
President Bush is saying we're not heading towards a recession:
President Bush said Thursday the country is not recession-bound
and, despite expressing concern about slowing economic growth,
rejected for now any additional stimulus efforts. "We acted robustly,"
he said.

"We'll see the effects of this pro-growth package," Bush told reporters
at a White House news conference, acknowledging that some lawmakers
already are talking about a second stimulus package. "Why don't we let
stimulus package 1, which seemed like a good idea at the time, have a
chance to kick in?"

Bush's view of the economy was decidedly rosier than that of many
economists, who say the country is nearing recession territory or
may already be there. "I'm concerned about the economy," he said.
"I don't think we're headed to recession. But no question, we're in a
Looks like President Bush is parsing words like some else did in a debate recently:

Here's how Sen. Obama responds to President Bush's claims:
AUSTIN, Texas - Democratic candidate Barack Obama said
Thursday the economy is "on the brink of a recession" and
blamed economic policies espoused by President Bush and
Republican presidential contender John McCain.

Obama mocked a more optimistic economic picture painted by
Bush at a White House news conference just moments earlier:
"People are struggling in the midst of an economy that George
Bush says is not a recession but is experienced differently by
folks on the ground."
I also found this part of the Bush press conference interesting:
The president advised his own successor to develop a personal
relationship with whomever is in charge in Moscow

"As you know, Putin's a straightforward, pretty tough character
when it comes to his interests — well so am I," Bush said. He said
that he and Putin have "had some diplomatic head butts."

Bush also said, however, that the pair have "a cordial enough
relationship to be able to deal with common threats and opportunities,
and that's going to be important for the next president to maintain."

Bush also defended his stance of not talking directly with leaders of
adversaries such as Cuba without setting preconditions. In doing so,
he offered some of his strongest criticism yet of Raul Castro, who assumed
Cuba's presidency on Sunday after his ailing brother Fidel, who ruled for
decades, stepped aside.

"Sitting down at the table, having your picture taken with a tyrant such
as Raul Castro, for example, lends the status of the office and the status
of our country to him," Bush said.
I am an absolute novice when it comes to foreign policy but I honestly don't see how
sitting down with Raul Castro, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Kim Jon-il will accomplish
a single thing. Does one really think that sitting down with dictators like Jon-il and
Castro will make them change their ways? I would think closed societies would have
to show signs of some reforms before talks with the United States can begin. Also,
Ahmadinejad is not the supreme leader of Iran, therefore, it would be useless.



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