Sunday, February 24, 2008

Saturday Night Live Mocks Obamamania!

Posted by Teresa at 9:02 AM
I was totally shocked last night when Saturday Night Live took to mocking
the love fest the media is having with Sen. Obama. I was just under the
assumption that everyone in the mainstream media was in kumbaya mode
and holding hands together singing "Yes, We Can," because Mr. Obama
is so much younger and cooler than Mrs. Clinton. What's funny is that once
Obama is the nominee, the writers of SNL will probably join in Obamamania.
Time to mock John McCain for being really old and let's take out of context his
"100 years" in Iraq comment!

Here's more shilling for Hillary:

Oh, and Patterico says to Ms. Clinton, "Welcome to the way media treats
" Yes, indeed. I'm sending out this letter to her:
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton,

You are now formally invited to join us as we try to block the liberal
agenda of President Obama (as decided by the media). Please cross the
party aisle and let's work together. We won't go after your husband

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