Sunday, February 17, 2008

What Hillary Can Do To Win

Posted by Teresa at 6:34 PM
I read this opinion piece where advice is given to Sen. Clinton on what she can do
to win. Here's some of the good advice they give her:
  • SHOW PASSION: "The challenge for Hillary Clinton is to be seen as
    an agent of change, to recapture the passion that the people who support
    her really have for her," says Kari Chisholm, a political consultant in
    Oregon who blogs at "I'm not sure that I'd
    want to be in the shoes on her team. ... She's considered the same old,
    same old, and she's not. But she's having trouble communicating that."
    Chisholm said Clinton should hit her universal health care message harder,
    stop using Washington insiders to defend her on cable TV and "find a way
    to communicate some excitement." Chisholm suported John Edwards, and
    says he could go either way between Clinton and Obama.
I decided I will give her advice of my own but in my own snarky way. So her
it goes:
  • Change your last name. We've had enough of Bush and Clinton
    presidencies. I bet Rodham is sounding good just about now, huh?
  • Hire a new speech writer. I hear there's a young liberal politician who
    really writes inspiring speeches. Hmm, what's his name..... oh, yeah....
    Barack Obama. Oops, sorry.
  • You need more home states. Obviously, temporarily living in Arkansas
    and New York hasn't been enough. Time to buy new real estate! I'm sure Mitt
    Romney is looking to doing the same right now for his 2012 candidacy.
  • Do a televised debate everyday. I think we all would enjoy more debates
    where the words "slum lord" are used.
  • Publish a new book. Here's an idea for the title of the new book:
    "The Audacity of Being Much More Experienced."
  • Media Matters. Yeah, you should probably fire whoever was in charge of this:

And this:

Well, good luck Hillary.


Anonymous said...

TerryAnnOnline....Sen. Clinton had her chance to drop the Clinton name and be a Rodham was right after the story of a cigar and a girl named Monica.

She made the choice to stay.....and here she is today. As happens in primary races, she ran to her left as hard as she could. How surprised she must have been to find that someone had run to the left even harder.

She has a battle ahead of her. I believe she can only win based on what she promises select SuperDelegates if they vote for her. Just a theory.


wahhaw on 8:25 PM, February 19, 2008 said...

She should hire full-time whoever photoshopped the ugly out of her face for that book cover, because that's just amazing work. Then just show pictures like that instead of actually showing up live, that would help alot.

And also, don't laugh like an evil cartoon villain who is about to conquer the world, because really, that just freaks people out.


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