Friday, February 8, 2008

What is going on with MSNBC political commentators?

Posted by Teresa at 5:41 PM
I don't know where MSNBC gets their political "commentators" from but if I had
to guess I would say they hold an audition and pick the people who make the most
outrageous claims. In this clip Chris Matthews says that if Hillary Clinton doesn't
start a war Roger Ailes and his ilk "will kill her."

Notice how they are all laughing at his comment.

Another MSNBC commentator had to offer an on-air apology for
saying that Chelsea Clinton is being "pimped out."

I don't mean to pick on MSNBC. I've heard commentators from
Fox News and CNN say some ridiculous stuff too. I just don't know
if I've seen it happened two days in a row.



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